HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A man arrested for the attempted murder of his wife’s unborn baby faces additional charges he assaulted two nurses and a security guard at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, according to a criminal complaint.

Ibrahim Beidari, 33, of West Hanover Township, was a patient at the hospital Tuesday evening. A registered nurse reported she was in a supply room to get items to clean Beidari when he pushed his way into the room, wrapped his arm around her throat, and held a razor blade to her neck.

She sustained three cuts to a finger while struggling to remove the razor from her neck, Derry Township police wrote in the complaint.

A charge nurse arrived, tried to calm Beidari, then tried to grab the razor. Her finger was cut but she removed the razor from Beidari’s hand. He then picked up a medical scalpel and held it to the other nurse’s throat, police wrote.

Beidari threatened to kill the woman when a security guard entered the room. The security guard pepper-sprayed Beidari and was cut on his arm during a struggle for the scalpel.

Additional security officers arrived at the room and restrained Beidari.

The complaint does not state why Beidari was a patient at the hospital. He was arrested Saturday on attempted homicide and other charges and placed in Dauphin County Prison on $250,000 cash bail. Court records do not indicate that he posted the bail.

Derry Township police charged him with three counts of aggravated assault, strangulation, two counts of possessing instruments of crime, and terroristic threats. Bail on those charges was set at $7.5 million.

According to charging documents filed by state police in the previous case, Beidari, a nurse practitioner, told investigators he suspected his wife was pregnant when he vaginally inserted the abortion drug Misoprostol without her knowledge or consent during intercourse.

Beidari’s wife was treated at a hospital Friday for bleeding and pain associated with the drug. She told police she learned she was 12 weeks pregnant during an OB-GYN visit seven days earlier but did not tell her husband.

The expected survival of the fetus remains unknown, police wrote in the complaint.