HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The senior adviser to Harrisburg’s Mayor Eric Papenfuse no longer works for the city as of Tuesday. A judge found Karl Singleton liable in a civil case against Timothy Rowbottom in a case where Rowbottom says his life was threatened.

During a one on one interview with ABC 27 Friday Rowbottom said “Yes I think you’re a political figure. Do I think you’re going to shoot me in the head? No. Do I think you could have that done? Absolutely.”

Rowbottom, a single father of two in Allison Hill, is speaking out about his experience with Singleton. “He said he could have me taken out. I said, taken out? Now you’re a thug?”

Rowbottom said the whole incident started when he wrote letter to the Redevelopment Authority who he said is unfairly trying to claim his valuable property. Rowbottom said multiple inappropriate incidents took place starting May 2017 at the mayoral debate. “He said I should be scared and that he’s from Hall Manor.”

Rowbottom admits he didn’t back down. “I called him a chump again and told him I was more black than he’ll ever be. And told him he’s a sorry excuse for a black man.”

The pair went to civil court in December 2017 and Rowbottom won. But now that Singleton no longer works for the city Rowbottom said he’s scared. “Scared on another level. Because if you just lost your job, knowing you threatened me, now I exposed you, now what’s next?”

Rowbottom wanting to make amends said he would be open to a sit down amicable conversation with Singleton. We reached out to Singleton for comment but have not heard back.