ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) A 40-year-old California man is facing charges after allegedly traveling across the country to sleep with a 14-year-old, according to police.

Don Robison, 40, of Milpitas, Calif. was arrested, charged and arraigned March 13 for allegedly traveling across the country to sleep with a 14-year-old in Altoona. Bail was denied for the registered sex offender on California’s Megan’s Law website.

Robison allegedly posed as a 13-year-old on social media, namely the Roblox game/app and Pinterest, and groomed the Altoona teen in Dec. 2021, according to the criminal complaint filed at a local court.

Altoona police passed the case over to the Office of the Attorney General who was able to use more resources to investigate a man, Robison, only known as “JohnnySmith.”

In 2022, the teen admitted to turning off the security cameras her family had set up and letting Robison sneak into their house through a window. He allegedly slept with the teen overnight in a bed and fondled her breasts.

According to court documents, Robison was charged in January and finally arraigned in Pennsylvania on March 13. Bail was denied.