DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM)– In the online shopping era, we take it for granted that the things we order will just show up at our door. One Midstate neighborhood is learning the hard way, it doesn’t always go quite that smoothly.

Grantville Commons is a mobile home community where reliable deliveries have become uncommon.

“It’s specifically Amazon packages,” resident Walter Worek said.

Worek soon learned through a Facebook group that it’s not only Walter.

“Everybody thought they were the only one,” Worek said. “I mean, there’s one person and 15 already. We’ve had at least 12 that just haven’t made it. Everybody in here has a prime account. we’re paying for a prime account every month. Provide the service.”

He showed us what was happening instead.

“It’s being processed,” Worek said. “Goes to Elizabethtown, 1:34 a.m., return to the seller, 1:34 undeliverable.”

A ‘prime’ example of what Worek says has gone wrong here, and he says it would be a different story if nobody could find this place, but that’s not what’s happening.

“The post office comes and delivers,” Worek said. “Not a problem.”

A TV he had delivered by Walmart was also no problem he says.

“Pick any other shipment service, any other delivery service,” Worek said. “They find the place just fine.”

Same with Amazon’s own trucks until now.

“We haven’t seen an Amazon truck in the park in the last two weeks,” Worek said. “They refund the money, which is fantastic, but when you call customer service, it’s oh, it’s a logistics problem. Then you call logistics.”

Finally, he called us. We called Amazon, which tells us it’s looking into the situation and will work with Worek to make this right.

“I mean, Cyber Monday is coming up,” Worek said. “People count on Amazon in this park.”

Count on us to bring you the happy ending as soon as it happens.