YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — York is trying to transform itself, but COVID-19 threw a wrench into a lot of exciting plans. Now, the White Rose City is ready to bloom in a big way.

“The resources that Downtown Inc offers really make it possible for small businesses to come back downtown now and be part of the downtown community,” said Christie Altland, owner of Head Space Studio, an art studio in Downtown York.

Downtown Inc is enhancing and investing in York businesses to hopefully improve the atmosphere.

Johnathan Demarais, director of Downtown Inc, says a visit to a conference in Boston served as a reminder of how to grow.

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“For a long time been we’ve been talking about downtown York being, like, the next place to be and really that place, that time is now you know a lot of exciting things happening here,” said John Demarais, Director of Downtown Inc. “Just keep buying and buying from community stakeholders, business owners, spreading the good word about all of the great things going on here in Downtown York so we can keep the momentum going forward.”

Along with new museums, a boutique hotel, a new tech company, and the Yorktown hotel’s renovations, Downtown York is moving up.

“There really is a resurgence of new businesses that create excitement and bring people downtown,” Altland added. “I feel like downtown has so much creativity and that’s what I’m here to promote, that’s what a lot of the businesses downtown are leaning into. It’s supporting the makers, the small people, the mom and pops that we’re out here doing it.”