Midstate veteran with COVID-19 recovering


Pinchas Feinberg, 29, received a call Saturday that he tested positive for COVID-19.

‘I was definitely a little bit worried,” said Feinberg.

The Marine Corps veteran, who lives in Dauphin County, says he had two separate medical appointments at the Lebanon VA Medical Center earlier this month to address some health issues. On March 19, the day after his last appointment, he started feeling sick.

“I started noticing I had a dry throat. I felt lethargic and then I had a low grade fever two nights in a row followed by chills and a headache. I also had loss of appetite, smell and taste. I am still getting those back. I also had some sensitive skin on my chest and abdominal area and upper back area,” said Feinberg.

He says he started experiencing back pain and went to the Lebanon VA Medical Center emergency room to get some relief. He was also tested for COVID-19 while he was there.

“They said they didn’t think I had it since I was low risk, but I should go home and make sure I was staying away from other people. I was told to take Tylenol as needed for the symptoms and drink plenty of fluids,” said Feinberg.

His test, which had to be sent out to a lab, came back positive 6 days later.

“I can’t say exactly where I picked the virus up from. It could have been grocery shopping, at the gym, or the VA hospital. It could have been from anywhere really,” said Feinberg.

Feinberg says he expects to fully recover. His quarantine will end in a few days.

“My heart goes out to everybody affected by this and to the men and women on the front lines putting themselves in harms way to do their job. They are much appreciated,” said Feinberg.

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