MILLERSVILLE, Pa (WHTM) – At Millersville University they’re looking towards the future while dealing with the fall-out from the coronavirus pandemic.

Millersville University which faces a potentially steep financial fallout because of the pandemic has notified faculty of potential layoffs

“The COVID-19 pandemic, starting in spring, has really put a monkey wrench in this whole operation because it has exacerbated the uncertainty in enrollments,” Dr Vilas Prabhu, Provost and Vice President For Academic Affairs, at Millersville University said.

Enrollments drive revenue at Millersville University.

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, which Millersville University is a part of, has dealt with declining enrollments for a decade.

Millersville University seemed to be fighting off that trend.

However, early projections have enrollment declining four percent at Millersville University this fall. Administrators said that could represent a loss of $11-million dollars this year and it part of the reason the university sent out letters about possible faculty cuts.

“The letter does not mean in any way that we were planning on retrenchment, or we will retrench,” Prabhu said. “We’ll have to see where our enrollments actually fall.”

Given a contract the earliest the faculty cuts could happen would be the 2021-2022 school year.

The university says personnel is their largest operating expense.

It’s unclear if the university moves forward with the cuts, or how many faculty members would be impacted.

Nine other state universities have announced plans considering faculty cuts amid the pandemic.

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