HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) – As part of Milton Hershey High School construction and carpentry classes, students are hard at work building tiny homes.

Rachel Mann, Director of Career and Technical Education said it will house future visitors, even parents visiting children at the school, but most important it gives these students a lasting legacy. 

“They are able to see what happens in the academic world, come to life. So when you think about that math class, that science class they are able to see what that looks like,” said Mann.

The project also helped support the females in the classroom, in what is usually a male-dominated industry.

“The generations that come up are going to be able to look at it and go that’s so cool I wanna be able to do that and especially the ladies. the young ladies,” said Jacqulyn Kramer, a Junior in the class at Milton Hershey.

The tiny homes will be placed at Hershey Campground, adding extra space to stay, meaning guests might not even realize.

“I put so much effort into showing that hey a women can do this and a child, especially a child can complete this project,” said Mia Tejada, another Junior at Milton Hershey High School.

The first tiny home will be hauled to the campground and prepared for use Wednesday.