The Consumer Product Safety Commission says they are still seeing 160 death each year related to nursery products. Most of them are preventable, stemming from unsafe sleep environments.

“Parents and caregivers should remember the way we as adults sleep can actually be unsafe, even deadly to young children,” said Nikki Flemming of the CPSC.

Parents should remember back is best and also bare is vest. Cribs should have a fitted sheet and nothing else.

“The problem is with adding things like pillows, quilts, comforters…you want to start with a firm, flat surface using the fitted sheet only when creating a safe sleep space in that crib, bassinet, playyard that meets federal standards,” Flemming said.

Babies should also never sleep in a product with an incline of more than 10 degrees.

“What happens is the baby can roll into a position that is unsafe,” Flemming said. “Their nose and mouth can be placed up against the side of the product or if additional bedding has been added, they can suffocate in that position as well.”

The CPSC recalls products all the time, including baby hammocks and crib mattresses in recent month.

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