When Carrie Mahoney’s baby girl was three months old, the new mom knew she was ready to get back into a fitness routine.

But she also knew her body was very different post-baby.

“Recovering from birth and then being sleep deprived and not having the energy or really the motivation to get out of jammies and work out,” Mahoney said.

That was true until she found Babies at the Barre. It’s designed for new moms to ease themselves back into a workout routine. And they get to do it with their child.

“I didn’t want to go to the gym and leave my son with a daycare or a sitter,” founder Tori Levine said. “I wanted that extra time so they can bond and connect while they’re exercising.”

Levine focuses on things like postures and rebuilding pelvic muscles.

“These small, executed moves are really what you need and they’re hard without you even realizing it,” Levine said.

Mahoney, like many new moms, struggled for bladder control when she coughed or sneezed. She said Babies at the Barre helped her with that problem within a month.

What’s more; she’s also made some great new friends. And her baby, Evelyn, seems to love it, too.

“We’re together and as long as I’m moving, she’s happy in the carrier,” Mahoney said. “So it’s perfect.”

Levine often teaches the class at the Capital Blue Store at the Hampden Marketplace in Enola. Capital Blue Cross members can take the class there free of charge. It’s a $5 drop-in fee for people with other health insurance.

Levine also offers the class online.

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