Mommy Minute: ‘Can you get COVID twice’ and other questions from local kids


“Can kids spread the Coronavirus,” asked Charlotte.

“Kids can spread the Coronavirus, which is why you have to wear masks right now,” Dr. Katherine Shedlock of Penn State Health said. “And we’ve seen that older children spread the Coronavirus more frequently than younger children do, and that might be because they have more severe symptoms and they’re mixing with different ages more frequently. But it is true kids can spread the Coronavirus.”

“Can you get COVID twice,” Riley asked.

“Unfortunately, you can get COVID twice,” Shedlock said. “Your immune system that protects you does create antibodies to fight off the infection the next time you see it. But the longer its been since you’ve had the Coronavirus, the more likely you are to be able to get it again, so it is possible.”

“Hi my name’s Lucy and I’m six years old,” Lucy said. “When will the Coronavirus be over?”

“I wish I knew the answer to that,” Shelock said. “I will say that it will be over faster if we all think about ways to reduce the spread; getting the vaccines when available, wearing our masks, social distancing.”

“Is my dog or any other pet still likely to get the Coronavirus,” asked Harper.

“We do know pets can get the Coronavirus and they usually if they get it will get it from a human they’ve been in close contact with,” Shedlock said. “I don’t think you need to worry about your pets.”

“If you get coronavirus and spread it to someone else and they spread it to someone and so on and so on, will the Coronavirus eventually die down or will it continue to revive itself on other people,” said Gio.

“The more we’re vaccinated the more likely we will to stop the spread and so eventually if enough people are vaccinated it will decrease and you won’t see it as much,” Shedlock said.

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