“Hi. My question to you is how much longer do you think we’ll have to wear masks in school for,” Matthew asked.

“I anticipate that this next school year we’re going into the school year wearing masks,” said Dr. Katherine Shedlock of Penn State Health. “Maybe during the school year those precautions might be lifted, but again it depends on all the factors that are in place such as how many people get the vaccine and what the Coronavirus numbers look like at that time.”

“Should I still be wearing masks on playdates,” asked Emme.

“So right now since you can’t get your vaccine because you’re not eligible because of your age it is important to wear your mask. That’s the recommendation right now,” Shedlock said. “But after you have your vaccine, once your fully vaccinated with other people that are also fully vaccinated, you can play indoors without a mask.”

“My question is when are we going to be able to stop social distancing,” Katie asked.

“We’ll be able to stop social distancing when we’re advised that it’s safe,” Shedlock said. “Once we get our vaccine, then we are a little bit more able to enjoy normal life.”

“Are there any vitamins or medicines that can help prevent the symptoms of Coronavirus,” Harper asked.

“There’s nothing I would tell you that you need to start taking, but I would tell you it’s really important to eat fruits and vegetables and get a lot of exercise and really just stay healthy as much as you can,” Shedlock siad. “Because a healthy person will have a healthier immune system and that will help protect you from the virus if you’re ever exposed to it.”

“Hi I’m Carter and I was wondering when is it safest to travel places, for example Disney World,” Carter said.

“Until you’re vaccinated, we’re not recommending travel right now, but as more and more people are vaccinated and the numbers of Coronavirus are expected decrease, we may end up lifting those precautions.”

“Do you think I’m going to be able to swim with my friends at the pool this summer,” Alex asked.

“You can’t wear a mask effectively. It gets wet, it doesn’t work as well,” Shedlock said. “Although outdoor activities are great, I would encourage you to do some things other than swimming but at some point when everyone’s been able to be vaccinated that would be a safe activity as well.”