Mommy Minute: Local family continues inspirational quarantine photo project


The Lee family was stunned.

After being featured on abc27 last spring for their picture perfect quarantine project, the magnitude of what they were doing really came into focus.

“I noticed a lot more people following me on Instagram,” mom Navia Lee said.

That outside interest helped Lee convince her sons, Maddox and Shawn, to continue recreating iconic photos.

“My favorite would have been Bo Jackson, because he’s a football and baseball player, which I like to do too,” Shawn Lee said.

Many of the newer images from the family were inspired by events that unfolded over the summer.

“My favorite was Chadwick Boseman,” Maddox Lee said. “He was my favorite actor and I wanted to be him when I grew up. And I just loved the hard effort he put into every movie character he played and the battles he was fighting while he was doing it.”

When Congressman John Lewis passed away, Navia Lee took the opportunity to not only honor him, but teach her sons about his legacy.

“It was like, ‘ok, let’s dig a little deeper, find out what he’s done throughout his life,” she said. “And it was surprising; not just for them, for me.”

With each photo comes a lesson about the person they become. And instead of just walking in their shoes, they take on the whole ensemble.

“These kids could pick up a book and they could learn about these people…but it’s one thing for them to actually dress up at that person and think about in that moment what they were like,” Navia Lee said.

Navia still only uses her iPhone to take the photos and she finds the pieces of each costume lying around the house. With that, she is able to piece together an unforgettable lesson in history, social studies, art and life.

“It’s really cool to be able to share these folks, these legends, these icons, these influences and have people learn along with us,” she said.

You can follow the Lee family on Instagram. Their handle is @dixilee24.

The Lees were able to surprise Daybreak co-anchor James Crummel by using him as their latest inspiration.

To watch our first interview with the Lee family, click here.

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