Mommy Minute: Local sixth grader starts school year as a published author


Sophie Hunt was inspired to write her first book by, of all things, a bug.

“And then I thought about how butterflies jump off of branches and leaves for the first time learning how to fly, and when I got the opportunity, I thought, I should write about this,” she said.

That opportunity came when she attended the American Literacy Corporation’s virtual writing camp in the summer of 2020. She was challenged to write a few lines that could potentially lead to a bigger story. The winner of that project would be given the chance to complete the book and become a published author through the Ready Aim Write Kids website, founded by local author Steven Kozan.

Sophie’s idea had already grown wings, so she was thrilled when she learned she won the competition.

“I just remember being so happy and excited to be able to take that story far,” she said.

Completing the story of “Fly” took a few more months.

“The butterfly, Timmy, he is very nervous and very scared to go to his first day of flight school,” Sophie said.

By last spring, Sophie’s work was finally in print. She just started her sixth grade year at St. Margaret Mary School in Penbrook as a published author.

“It’s still surreal to be honest,” said Sophie’s mom, Jackie. “It’s hard to wrap your head around that your 11-year-old is a published author.”

Sophie says the themes of the book are friendship and courage; a perfect read for kids who are nervous about heading back to school or doing something out of their comfort zone.

“It definitely makes me very proud,” Jackie said. “She is a great friend.”

“I feel so proud,” Sophie said. “It’s awesome to look back in a few years and say that I wrote a book.”

If you’d like more information about Sophie’s book and the Ready Aim Write Kids website, click here.

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