(WHTM) — Summer camp season has arrived. With the pandemic changing plans in recent years, this may be the first year your child is attending a camp.

The CVS MinuteClinic has some reminders to make sure the summer is both fun – and safe – starting with sunscreen.

“My focus is always to reapply,” said Nurse Practitioner Amy Luebehusen. “So if kids are outside all day long, they’re doing water sports, they’re swimming, that morning application isn’t going to last all day. To apply in the morning and reapply midday.”

Luebehusen says you should pack kids a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and teach them how to properly apply it. Hats, sunglasses, and swim shirts are also helpful.

You’ll also want to pack plenty of water. Kids should be getting between 32 and 68 ounces of water a day, depending on their activity level.

And make sure they have access to an insect repellent containing DEET. If you know they plan to be in the woods, dress them in long pants and remind them to check themselves.

“It’s better if we find a tick on the ankle three hours after it’s been there,” Luebehusen said. “The risk of Lyme Disease is very low if it’s just been there a few hours versus two or three days later if we haven’t checked.”

A lot of camps may require a physical to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in all activities. You should also plan to communicate any medication needs, such as asthma inhalers, early on with camp staff.