Mommy Minute: Walk among dinosaurs at the Franklin Institute


The Jurassic World exhibit at the Franklin Institute has quickly become a must-see attraction for kids of all ages.

“We opened the exhibit Thanksgiving weekend and it has just been met with fantastic crowds,” president and CEO Larry Dubinski said. “I mean, you will get up close with dinosaurs like you never have had the opportunity before. And when you even look in their eyes, you really think you’re looking at a real dinosaur.”

Trina Ricketts of Philadelphia agrees.

“When you walk through and the brachiosaurus’ head comes down toward you and you’re looking up like, ‘Okay, I know what this is, but wow!” she said.

The life-like dinosaurs are accompanied by interactive learning stations to teach guests about what made each dinosaur different.

“We want you to learn. We want you to be inspired,” Dubinski said.

One warning; a walk through Jurassic World can be intense at times for younger visitors.

“They were big and they were nice, but when they got mad they started to move and it kind of scared me,” admitted 7-year-old Michael Shell.

“What I really tell people is you have to know your child,” Dubinski said, “but I would say we’ve seen lots of strollers in here.”

Judy Spooner of Gettysburg visited the exhibit with family members.  She said any fear was ultimately replaced by awe.

“He had reservations and was shy but the more we went through the exhibit, the more excited he was to see what was next,” she said of her great-nephew.

The exhibit features a few actual movie props as well as hands-on learning stations.

“The visitor response at the end is ‘wow, that was a great experience,” Dubinski said. “I learned something and had fun doing it.”

The exhibit runs from now through April 23.  Ticket prices vary.  You can check them by clicking here.

One way to save a few bucks; you can go in the evening between 5 and 7 p.m. Your admission only includes the Jurassic World exhibit, but it is cheaper.

Because of the exhibit’s popularity, advance tickets are recommended.

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