CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — The Lancaster Airport (LNS) was recently featured in a recent edition of Business View Magazine, to highlight the airport’s “impressive upgrades.”

Business View Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Karen Surca, did an exclusive, in-depth interview with Lancaster Airports Director, Ed Foster. The article was published on Dec. 1 and was also printed in Business View Magazine’s November 2022 Edition.

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There were four main topics that were highlighted over the course of the extensive interview with Business View Magazine:

  1. Upgrades
  2. Growth
  3. Community
  4. Funding


One of the major upgrades that LNS is undergoing involves one of their main runways. In total, LNS has two asphalt runways, runway 08-26, which is the airports largest/ primary runway, and runway 13-31, which is used as a secondary, crosswind runway. Currently, LNS in undergoing a rehabilitation of their primary runway 08-26.


According to Foster, LNS is also undergoing another construction project – but this project focuses on the erecting of new airplane hangars. LNS is currently constructing a new airplane hanger for an existing tenant – additionally, LNS has three other corporate hangars that are in the design phase of construction. On top of the construction of the hangars, LNS has also leased out two parcels of land for other developments, since the parcels cannot be utilized for aviation purposes.


This section of the interview focused on LNS’s part in the local community. According to Foster, LNS is ‘like a funnel’ which brings chances for economic growth and development to the community by acting as the connection to the global market. Foster went on to highlight all of the large businesses which call LNS their home, consisting of:

Lastly, Foster addressed aspirations for LNS to acquire new air services for the surrounding community, such as the addition of larger aircrafts (126-189 seats) that have the capability to reach destinations like Florida and North and South Carolina.


As for the funding of LNS, Foster highlighted the cooperation and assistance of the Federal and State government. He also went on to explain how funding for airports is always a challenge, but LNS is using creativity to achieve their goals – along with creating new partnerships to help stimulate growth.

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LNS is located on 500 Airport Road, Suite G, in Lititz and is located on an 850 acre plot, positioned between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. LNS is the third busiest airport in the state of Pennsylvania, according to Foster.