Millions of people suffer from something called chronic sinusitis. It may seem like the sniffles at first, but it doesn’t go away. The symptoms become much more severe. Now there’s a breakthrough treatment that doesn’t involve surgery.

Kristine Gelazela of Hanover has a runny nose and nasal congestion. She’s not suffering from a common cold; it’s actually much worse. “I ended up developing no taste, no smell,” she said.

She has chronic sinusitis. For people like Kristine, cold and allergy season seems to last an eternity. “I would be miserable everyday waking up exhausted, tired,” she said, “It’s not fair to the kids when their mom is just laying around.”

Along with losing her sense of taste and smell for over a year, Kristine had difficulty breathing. Her snoring was so severe, she slept on the couch. There are treatments for this condition, but most involve invasive surgery until now.

“So this is the actual device,” said ENT Dr. Zaher Srour, “It’s very malleable we put it back together and we put it inside the device which has a delivery mechanism to it.”

Propel is a new breakthrough treatment doctors can perform right in their office without cutting! The implant props open the sinus and gradually delivers an anti-inflammatory medicine, and then disappears.

“Imagine this is the sinuses and we push the plunger inside,” said Dr. Srour, “It just deploys and stays inside the sinus where it delivers medicine three weeks after exactly where we want it.”

“So you can imagine it’s like candy that slowly dissolves inside the nose. And it’s delivering the medicine where it’s needed the most without any side effects.”

Kristine says she wasn’t in any pain, and felt an improvement right away.

“Oh it worked great,” she said, “I’m not getting sinus infections like I used to. I can smell, I can taste, I can live a normal life.”

30 million americans suffer with chronic sinus infections. The Propel treatment only takes a couple minutes, and reduces the need for future surgeries. It is cheaper than surgery, but is not yet covered by all insurance.

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