WRIGHTSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Veterans came out to the Wrightsville American Legion Post 469 Thursday morning to learn more about a one-stop-shop website.

“We’re unveiling a new network that veterans can go on the Internet and look up benefits that are due to them and how to get their benefits,” said Rep. Stan Saylor, (R-York County).

“I can think of something today and go to that website and find the answer,” said Kurtis Timmer, commander of the post.

“Network of Care” has a new database of federal, state, and local services for veterans. It includes everything from programs and services to job boards.

“Whether it’s housing issues, job issues, whatever it is, they can go on that website, and that website will help direct them to the resources they need to get the help they need,” Saylor said.

“Usually when you come back, there’s a lot of things you may have been briefed when you leave the service, but you’re not going to remember all those things because you’re focused on going back home to your loved ones,” Timmer said.

The website consolidates information on services for veterans, such as housing, health care, crisis services, and a library with 30,000 articles.

“Many times there’s so many resources out there today, and no body knows which resources are accurate, which resources are really going to be helpful to me,” Saylor said.

The website has been around for decades but is just making its way into Pennsylvania.