KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs need to come up with an answer for Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurts and the rest of the Eagles offense.

The Chiefs ended the first half of Super Bowl LVII trailing the Eagles 24-14.

Miami Dolphins’ receiver Tyreek Hill is pulling for his former teammates, including quarterback Patrick Mahomes who likely reinjured his ankle right before halftime.

The Chiefs traded Hill to Miami last March.

Hill is watching the game like the rest of Chiefs Kingdom.

“I need somebody to get open besides 87 !!!” Hill tweeted.

Chiefs fans agree with the NFL star.

The Eagles had the ball nearly three times as long as the Chiefs during the first half of Super Bowl LVII.

That allowed the Eagles to run twice as many plays and rack up twice as many yards as the Chiefs, according to FOX4 Sport’s Harold Kuntz.

It’s up to Steve Spagnuolo and the Chiefs defense to come up with a way to stop Hurts while offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will have to find a way to overcome the Eagles defense either without Mahomes, or with Mahomes playing through an ankle injury.