HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania officials want to make some adjustments to the state’s clean slate program,” which would clear the criminal records of some residents.

“We believe that accountability is an essential component of justice and when someone has paid their debt to their community it is vital that they have the incentives to become productive citizens to avoid recidivism,” said Emily Green, Deputy State Director of American for Prosperity.

The clean slate program cleans the record for someone with nonviolent misdemeanors after 10 crime-free years. Officials now want this program to expand to drug-related felonies.

“We listen to these individuals themselves who have a criminal record and have heard their experience and why they are so frequently discouraged from looking for work, discouraged from applying for jobs to get into the workforce because of that criminal record,” said Alex Halper, who is a part of Pennsylvania Chamber Business and Industry.

According to the National Institute of Corrections, over 600,000 people are released from prison every year. Pennsylvania was the first state to have the clean slate program and it shows formerly incarcerated people that they are accepted.

“They’re not an addict anymore, they clean themselves up, they’re most likely family people, whether they’re married they have children whatever it is they’re working in our communities, they’re paying taxes and these are we need to give a second chance,” said State Rep. Sheryl Delozier, from Cumberland County.

Although there is no timetable for the expansion of the program to pass, officials believe it could happen by the end of the year.

“Passing a piece of legislation that you know has a direct impact on the people you represent to me goes to the core of why we do this job,” said Delozier.