Online payments not available in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) -- The City of Harrisburg is scrambling to find a new online payment service after its provider ceased operation.

The Treasurer's Office was having issues with EZPay Automated Payment Services. On Thursday, the city received a letter from the company stating it had terminated services as of Wednesday.

"Any debit cards or credit cards, or any other online payments which were available, or at a kiosk, those type of things are unavailable for now," Treasurer Dan Miller said.

The office will only accept payments by cash, check or money order. Payments can be mailed, paid at the Office of the City Treasurer, or placed in the drop box at city hall, to the right of the rear entrance.

"We are looking for a new vendor. Unfortunately, that's not a really quick fix. We've got to find somebody. Their software has to mesh with our software. It's a process that I'm sure is going to take several weeks," Miller said.

EZPay owes Harrisburg $14,000. It's unclear if the city will get that money back.

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