Opioid Crisis

Contact helpline assists in fighting the opioid crisis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) -- - Contact Helpline can provide assistance to families and loved ones who are fighting opioid addiction.

The number is 211. Trained volunteers answer questions, listen to people in distress, and steer callers toward help. 

One of the most common calls is for people desperate to get inpatient treatment. There are a lot of specialized programs out there, although there can be wait lists to get in. 

By calling 211, operators can transfer people in an emergency situation, directly to a 24-hour substance abuse program, and maybe even help find financial assistance. 

"There are some amazing programing out there where we can refer them to where they may be able to get assistance with paying some of those co-pays, have those kinds of services waived, or get other financial help," said Kelly Gollic, Contact Helpline.

Again, Contact Helpline can be reached across the state by dialing 211. They also run an emotional support line, that number is 1-800-932-4616.

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