The Opioid Crisis: Fighting Two Fronts with abc27’s Alicia Richards

Opioid Crisis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — On Monday evening, abc27 hosted an online town hall about the COVID-19 pandemic and the opioid epidemic, specifically highlighting how the two have collided in a deadly way in the Midstate and beyond.

Alicia Richard talked about the ongoing crisis with a Midstate woman who has remained in recover, despite the obstacles brought on by pandemic isolation.

“It was really difficult, I felt very isolated. I dealt with a lot of depression last year,” said Becca Moyer, a project supervisor for the Rase Project.

The Rase project is a local recovery organization. Moyer is one of many Pennsylvanians who has opioid use disorder. She’s been sober for seven years, but when the pandemic started and the necessary isolation began, she lost the meetings and other support she depended on.

“All of those groups stopped or switched to an online format, so everything that I had been doing or had been taught for almost seven years changed and I had to … I had to adapt to that,” Moyer said.

It took many months, but Moyer did adapt.

Others facing isolation and job loss did not.

The death toll from opioid use disorder soared back to peak levels. Moyer has hope that when pre-COVID norms return, the opioid epidemic will ease again.

“Despite the different things that should come up and present as barriers to our recovery, we can still recover, and we do still recover, and it’s just a daily process,” Moyer said.

During the virtual town hall, doctors and other addiction specialists discussed the current challenges in the fight to stay clean. To hear more about The Opioid Crisis: Fighting Two Fronts, visit

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