HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced his investigation into a pharmaceutical company ended in a $4,250,000,000.00 preliminary settlement on July 26. The AG’s office is still negotiating further restrictions.

Shapiro said he led a multistate investigation into the opioid manufacturer Teva for alleged deceptive marketing practices and failure to comply with order monitoring requirements.

Officials said Teva manufactures “Actiq” and “Fentora” which are branded fentanyl products for cancer patients who have developed tolerances to other opioids. They also manufacture other general opioids, namely oxycodone.

The multistate team of investigators alleged that Teva promoted potent fentanyl products for non-cancer patients as well as deceptively marketed their opioids by downplaying the risk of addiction.

The investigators said Teva would encourage the idea that signs of real addiction were in fact signs of a “pseudo addiction” and should be treated by prescribing more opioids.

A representative from the attorney general’s office said Teva, as well as their distributor Anda, are also accused of failing to comply with suspicious ordering monitoring requirements.

Shapiro said the $4.25 billion settlement will be divided between states and local governments. The details of the settlement are still under negotiation.

For now, Teva has agreed to the following conditions:

  • Teva will pay up to $4.25 billion in cash over 13 years
  • Teva will provide up to $1.2 billion in generic naloxone over 10 years or $240 million cash at each state election

The attorney general’s office plans to continue to negotiate for critical business practice changes and transparency requirements.

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