CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro gave the commencement address at Penn State Dickinson Law on Saturday, speaking out about upholding state law during a new presidential administration.

In an unconventional move for a Democrat, the Attorney General touted states’ rights several times in his speech.

“I don’t think this is a partisan issue. I think this has to do with being loyal to the law, and to the people you’re sworn to represent,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “If the President, or anyone else violates the rule of law, I’m going to stand up and protect the interest of the people of Pennsylvania.”

The Attorney General spoke about standing with other state attorneys general in pushing back against President Trump’s attempt to implement a travel ban on seven countries in January.

Attorney General Shapiro also promised to stand up for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana laws.

“The legislature and the Governor have come together to pass a new law that says medicinal marijuana is acceptable,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “So, it would be my job to defend that if anyone encroaches upon that interest.”

Days after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Shapiro said he, along with 19 other Attorneys General, wrote a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, requesting that he immediately appoint an independent special prosecutor

“We’ve seen here in Pennsylvania, when people question the integrity of a justice system or a legal system. And the negative and corrosive effect that can have, not just on our government, but on our communities at large,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “So, I think it’s important that that be repaired. And the best way to do that would be the appointment of a special prosecutor.”