Inspector General weighs in on efforts to make state investigations public

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) -- Pennsylvania's Office of Inspector General investigates waste, abuse, and fraud. Now, Inspector General Bruce Beemer is weighing in on legislation that would make sure you can see those reports.

Under Pennsylvania law right now, state investigations stay private. For example, the findings of the Pennsylvania State Police Academy cheating scandal were made public, but the results of the investigation into Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack's treatment of state employees are not public.

Governor Tom Wolf made it clear that the decision was his choice, and the Inspector General reports to him. Republican state Senator Scott Wagner recently introduced a bill requiring many of these reports to be made public.

Beemer says some investigations cannot be released right away because other agencies need to investigate. He says he is open to the idea of making sure results are made public, eventually.

"In a lot of situations, I think there is a very good, strong argument for transparency and for releasing as many reports in as most complete a form as possible for folks to see what we're doing," said Beemer. "I'm highly encouraging of that because I want people to know what the Inspector General's Office does."

The Governor's Office has not said whether Wolf would sign this legislation.

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