Parents discuss concerns over math struggles, Common Core at Central Dauphin school meeting

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) - Concerned parents in the Central Dauphin School District told educators math wasn't adding up for their children.

A meeting was held at Central Dauphin Middle School Thursday evening to discuss the issue.

"My daughter, who is in ninth grade, was in a situation where she was beginning to struggle. I was having some concerns," said Debbie Stover, who also has a 12th grader.

Stover decided to do something about it. She started a Facebook survey of other Central Dauphin School District parents.

"From 11 o'clock Sunday night by 7 a.m. Monday morning, there were 48 responses," Stover said. "There were a total of 169 responses."

Stover sent the responses the school district and board, and that prompted the meeting about the math struggles.

"We have put these kids and their education through the ringer by approaching things differently," Stover said. "We've got Common Core in place now that's being handed down to our schools. Our teachers, their hands are tied many times in what they need to do."

CD teachers, administrators, and curriculum specialists addressed those concerns. They promised online resources for parents and a possible focus group of high school students after midterms.

"They're just being asked to perform in this state of constant confusion," said Rhonda Giddings, the parent of an eighth grader.

Giddings spoke out at the meeting.

"In pushing these students to be taking test after test after test after test, their anxiety levels are raising," Giddings said. "They can't learn."

"This is our future. This is a generation," Stover said. "These kids know what they need, and giving them an opportunity and a safe place where they can express themselves and talk about their experiences so that maybe then some small changes can be made."

ABC27 News asked the superintendent for an on-camera interview but she refused to comment. A board member didn't want to go on camera but told us he hopes to continue the conversation with parents.


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