HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Sue Paterno and her son Scott were in Harrisburg on Thursday to push for a program that’s aimed at preventing child sexual abuse.

Sue Paterno paid nearly $220,000 for a pilot program that trains faculty at colleges and universities to identify predators and take action. The state’s 14 universities took part in the program.

Frank Lentz works at Dixon University Center in Harrisburg and participated in the training.

“They taught us appropriate triggers that would show abuse, that would help us identify abuse,” he said.

Sue says she pushed for the program because of something her late husband wrote.

“When Joe was going to bed the night before he went to the hospital for the last time, he was writing,” she said.

Sue says she didn’t look at his note until three months after he died.

“It’s so hard to read,” Scott Paterno said. “The good side of the scandal to him and the silver lining in all of this was hopefully this will raise awareness on the subject of child sexual victimization.”

Sue hopes colleges and universities nationwide adopt the program.

“You have thousands and thousands of kids coming to an environment where their parents are dropping them off in a place they believe is safe, and they have every right to expect it safe, and this is an additional resource to help that be the case,” Scott Paterno said.