(WHTM) — It’s a week designated to encouraging driver safety through work zones. Officials are urging motorists to slow down and pay attention before someone gets hurt.

“It’s not a pretty sight, friends getting killed by innocent people. People that don’t pay attention” said Knowle.

Since 1970 PennDOT has lost 90 workers in the line of duty. And pa turnpike has lost 45 people since 1940. To show the importance of work zone safety, PennDOT and Pennsylvania turnpike workers’ memorials were on display during the event.

“Work zone safety is very important, that’s why we’re here today, to remind people to slow down and limit distractions while you are driving through a work zone. The lives of those working in that work zone or other motorists depend on it,” Lt. Adam Reed of Pennsylvania State Police said
According to preliminary PennDOT data, in 2022 there were 1,293 work zone crashes, and workers are concerned about how to fix this issue.

“People don’t understand we there to do a job, so they need to slow down and take care of us as much as we are trying to take care of them,” Marlin Knowle who is a work zone specialist for PennDOT.

Work zone specialists say they will increase the length of work zone areas, put up visible signage, and put extra patrol safety zones.