Clarion State Trooper helps woman walking on busy road get to her doctor’s appointment


CLARION, Pa. (WTAJ) — It was not what Cpl. Robert Hageter expected to see while driving down Route 68 in Monroe Township.

“There’s a woman walking with a walker, facing traffic,” Cpl. Hageter detailed, “I stopped and I hit my lights and I asked her if she was ok.”

That stretch of Route 68 is not welcoming to pedestrians. There is only about a foot and a half shoulder and only a small stretch of sidewalk.

As to what that woman was doing on the side of the road, Cpl. Hageter explained, “”She told me that the bus didn’t drop her off at the doctor’s office, they dropped her off in the parking lot at Aldi’s and she was making her way to the doctor’s office.”

When asked what his first concern was Cpl. Hageter he said plainly, “That she was going to get hit by a vehicle.”

Cpl. Hageter did what he would describe as “just doing his job.” He gave her a ride to her appointment, waited for her to be done, and then safely gave her a ride home. But, to the witness who caught it on camera and shared the moment on social media, he did a lot more.

The post has nearly 300 shares and many comments applauding the trooper’s work. Cpl. Hageter explained, though, that it’s just a part of him to help people.

“I try to do my best to help people everyday. Personally, I’m a Christian and my faith is a big part of my life. I do as Jesus has told me to do as far loving my neighbor as myself.”

As a Pennsylvania State Trooper, Cpl. Hageter said that giving someone a ride isn’t all that rare for them. Whether it’s getting someone out of heat or cold or even just lending a helping hand, that’s the job of a trooper.

“It’s not necessarily helping people in a crash and just things like that. Anytime someone needs assistance we’re there. I’d hate to see somebody get hurt because they were walking along the road.” he explained.

A simple act that may not be beyond the call of duty, but nonetheless makes a difference.

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