Federal ban on evictions set to end July 31, state help for Pennsylvanians


(WHTM) — The Biden administration’s nationwide eviction moratorium is expected to end at the end of the month. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians believe they could face eviction soon.

The federal ban on evictions ends July 31. It protects those who lost their jobs or income to the pandemic but does require them to pay any back rent. Those who face eviction are obviously worried, but landlords say it’s a long time coming. According to U.S. Census Bureau data, more than 82,000 Pennsylvanians think they could be evicted over the next two months. Spanish speaker Elvia Gonzalez says she’s okay, for now.

“She said it’s very frustrating that it is ending and she does get nervous that down the road she could get evicted,” a translator for Gonzalez said.

Thankfully there’s still help from the state through the emergency rental assistance program designed to help people who have been affected by COVID and are facing eviction, pay their past due and upcoming rent or utility bills. You can find more information here. If eligible, the average payout is about four thousand dollars and the turnaround time to see that money is about a month.

“They should approach their county. They can go to our website at dhs.pa.gov/erap and learn more about how their county is administering these dollars. The program is up and running, and we would encourage people not to wait until August 1st,” Acting Secretary Meg Snead, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services said.

Financial experts say communication is key.

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“Let’s face it. If the landlord evicts you, he’s not getting anything anyway. So if you have an open line of communication with him, maybe he’ll take a reduced payment,” Dan White, president of Dan White and Associates said.

The president of the Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association, Rita Dallago, and a landlord herself agrees.

“If they’re using the programs, or if they’re working with their landlord, and communication is the key, and again landlords don’t really like to evict. It’s time and money,” Dallago said.

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