SHANKSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — A 10-year-long reforestation project to plant 150,000 native trees at the Flight 93 National Memorial will come to a close this month.

Since 2012, the National Park Service, Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial and the National Park Foundation have partnered to complete the “Plant a Tree at Flight 93” project. Each year, volunteers come to help plant native tree seedlings across the land at the memorial.

This year, the last of the tree planting will take place April 22 and 23, which coincides with National Park Week. It is the longest ongoing volunteer service project at the memorial, the National Park Service said. It’s also the largest concentration of Restoration American Chestnut trees in North America.

“Plant a Tree at Flight 93 has been a tremendous event and represents one of the most successful and popular volunteer activities at the Memorial,” Fred Lukachinsky, president of the Friends of Flight 93, said. “This year will be no different. As we successfully close this chapter, we look forward to future opportunities to partner with our communities, the National Park Foundation and the National Park Service.”

The reforestation is part of the memorial’s original design and is meant to reclaim the former surface mine with native trees. Nearly 500 volunteers will help plant approximately 14,000 seedlings over 20 acres. During the past 10 years, a total of over 4,200 volunteers have helped plant the seedlings.

“Although this year will culminate with the conclusion of Plant a Tree at Flight 93, the original design intent by Architect Paul Murdoch has been achieved,” Flight 93 National Memorial Superintendent Stephen M. Clark said. “The Flight 93 National Memorial partnership plans to continue the tradition of bringing volunteers together and working on various elements across the 2,200-acre memorial landscape.”

The Friends of Flight 93 and the National Park Service said they are grateful to the many volunteers, sponsors and conservation partners who have contributed to the success of this decade-long project.

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