Haley’s Law aims to educate teachers about how to handle seizures


HARRISBURG, Pa (WHTM) – A Pennsylvania mom is determined to get every teacher in the state educated on how to handle seizures. Lawmakers are currently considering Haley’s Law.

“She’s the perfect little girl,” said Victoria Delo, Haley Delo’s mom. “She’s very loving. She’s very caring.”

Haley Delo is a kindergartener in Western Pennsylvania. She’s full of smiles, but she’s battling epilepsy.

“All of her muscles will give out and she’ll just fall to the floor, and if you don’t know better, it looks like she just tripped and fell and just passed out,” said Victoria Delo.

Haley’s currently at the Cleveland Clinic for testing to find the best medicine for her. While staff at the Plum Borough School District she attends is already trained on seizures, mom Victoria Delo wants to make sure all teachers are.

It’s what motivates her to advocate for Haley’s Law.

“Watching a classmate go down and have a seizure is pretty traumatic,” said Victoria Delo. “So this way a teacher is equipped to handle that situation and then handle first aid with it.”

This isn’t to replace nurses, but so teachers know exactly how to respond during those critical first few seconds.

“They can call out for help for another teacher,” said Victoria Delo. “On top of that, they can make sure all of the other kids move away from that child. They can make sure if there’s a chair near them, a desk, anything that can hurt them while they’re seizing, is moved away.”

That’s so the child doesn’t get injured.

Haley’s Law is currently in the House Education Committee.

Victoria Delo says similar legislation has been passed in four other states, and a mirroring bill in New Jersey called Paul’s Law is on its way to the governor’s desk.

Haley’s Law would give teachers continuing education credits for the training.

Victoria Delo says teachers can take online classes or schools can have experts from the epilepsy foundation or association come in for a course. She tells us all of it is free.

“The foundation and the association both offer this as something to further education in the public,” said Victoria Delo.

Victoria Delo says any school can reach out to the epilepsy foundation or association for training, and that free online courses are open to everyone, not just teachers.

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