House GOP leaders say Miccarelli violating retaliation policy


House Republican leaders say they’re planning to remove Rep. Nick Miccarelli from his committee assignments because he has repeatedly violated a caucus policy that prohibits retaliation against his accusers.

In a memo sent to all House members on Thursday, the leaders said they’re also moving Miccarelli’s seat on the House floor.

A fellow lawmaker, Rep. Tarah Toohil, alleges Miccarelli pulled a gun and threatened to kill her during a relationship that ended in 2012. She also says he has continued to physically intimidate her at the Capitol.

Toohil was granted a three-year protective order against Miccarelli in March.

A second accuser, a political consultant, claims Miccarelli went to her house and forced her to have sex. after she ended their relationship in 2014.

Miccarelli, of Delaware County, has not been charged with any crimes and denies both women’s allegations.

House leaders wrote that an initial investigation found the allegations of domestic violence, sexual assault and abuse were credible. They said the information was turned over to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s office for review and possible action.

“During that initial investigation, and several times afterwards, Representative Miccarelli was specifically informed of the terms of the caucus policy, which includes a prohibition against retaliation. He subsequently was found to have violated that policy on more than one occasion,” the memo reads.

“Based on the results of the investigation – including the investigation into retaliation – Republican Leadership called for his resignation. Since that time, Representative Miccarelli’s privately paid spokesman has continuously mischaracterized our position.”

The leaders wrote that they have since received a supplemental complaint. An investigation completed Wednesday found Miccarelli again violated the policy.

“He has continued to maintain for months a statement on Facebook that was specifically identified by the House as a retaliation. Furthermore, he retaliated through the dissemination of sexually explicit emails and images without a valid purpose,” the memo states.

House GOP leaders said they will ask the Committee on Committees to remove Miccarelli from all standing committees. Miccarelli he serves on the Appropriations, Consumer Affairs, Human Services, and Liquor Control committees.

The Committee on Committees is scheduled to take action next week.

Miccarelli, a member of the House since 2009, is not seeking re-election. He removed his name from the ballot earlier this year, saying it’s “in his best interests to move on to a new chapter.”

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