Pennsylvania ranked 19 for worst drivers, study shows


(WTAJ) — From road conditions to gas prices and insurance costs, Pennsylvania ranks in the top 20 worst states for drivers, according to a report from Bankrate.

The company compared factors such as cost, driving quality, safety, and weather from all 50 states in the country. Ohio was ranked as the best state while California is ranked the worst.

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Gas prices average $3.60 a gallon and full insurance averages over $1,400 a year in Pennsylvania, according to Bankrate. Couple that with road/bridge conditions and weather and the state drops to number 32 in the ranks — or 19th worst — right between Georgia and Montana.

Best and worst states for drivers

To determine the best and worst states for drivers, Bankrate’s insurance team analyzed 16 datasets from the government, nonprofits, and industry groups. Each dataset fits into one of the following four categories.

  • Cost: The cost subcategory encompasses the average prices for vehicle repairs, gas and auto insurance in each state. Since cost is a factor that heavily affects our everyday quality of life, our team weighed the cost the heaviest in our analysis at 45%.
  • Driving quality: Driving quality encompasses factors that affect drivers on the road, including road and bridge conditions, average commute times and average time spent in traffic per year. This category is weighted equally with safety at 25%.
  • Safety: Safety encompasses DUI arrests, traffic fatalities, seat belt non-use, chances of colliding with wildlife and motor vehicle theft. This category is weighted equally with driving quality at 25%.
  • Weather: Weather includes average precipitation and the average number of fatalities in which rain, snow or sleet were present. This subcategory was weighted the lowest at 5% since weather patterns vary within states and are likely to be a lesser concern than overall road quality, traffic fatalities, urbanized congestion and costs associated with owning a vehicle.

To see the full study with all 50 states, you can click here for‘s data and information.

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