Regional virtual career fair connecting veterans in the eastern U.S. with jobs


(WHTM) — RecruitMilitary and Disabled American Veterans are hosting a virtual career fair today, July 20, for transitioning U.S. military job seekers and military spouses in the eastern United States.

The free job fair will help connect veterans, transitioning service members, and military spouses with nearly 100 employers hiring for positions in a wide range of areas including human resources, finance, technology, and more.

“As a veteran, it can be challenging when you’re making the transition out of the military to really understand how your skills align with civilian opportunities,” Jennifer Hadac, vice president of employment services at RecruitMilitary, said.

RecruitMilitary has hosted numerous virtual job fairs both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, hoping to help veterans and military spouses connect with employers, Hadac said.

Veteran unemployment was at an all-time low when the pandemic hit, Hadac said. Although it increased along with the general unemployment rate after COVID-19 hit, Hadac has noticed that many employers are turning to the veteran community to fill their job openings.

“I mean, who better to handle difficult situations under arduous conditions?” Hadac said.

“I’ve noticed that there are a lot of employers who are looking to make those connections, but the biggest challenge for the veteran community and transitioning service members is understanding how to make that connection,” Hadac said.

With resources and events like today’s virtual job fair, RecruitMilitary hopes to bridge the gap between veterans and military spouses looking for work and employers looking to hire them.

Interested job seekers can register for the Eastern Region Virtual Career Fair at this link, where they can also learn more about the participating employers. The event today takes place from 11-3 and offers participants a chance to interact with employers via chat and video call.

For those who are not able to attend the event today, RecruitMilitary offers other resources, such as this search tool that helps veterans find jobs that match their skill sets. The organization also offers resource centers for veterans and military spouses, which provide support and advice for things like resume writing and navigating job fairs.

RecruitMilitary holds frequent local and regional job fairs, which are listed here. Some are in-person events, while others, like the one today, are virtual.

Hadac said that virtual job fairs are helpful because they provide a way to safely interact with employers and because they enable job seekers to interact with employers around the country.

Local and national employers will be represented at Tuesday’s career fair, so veterans and military spouses can look for jobs where they are currently or where they might be moving in the near future.

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For service members transitioning from military to civilian work, “a big thing that people want to remember is the 80-20 solution,” Hadac said. Members of the military bring 80% of what employers are looking for, Hadac said, and the other 20% is industry-specific knowledge that they’ll pick up at their new jobs.

Hadac encourages transitioning service members to research the industries they’re interested in to find out which skills they already possess and will bring to the job and what they might learn for a new position.

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