Sen. Toomey offers insight on COVID-19 pandemic


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania’s junior U.S. senator is currently in self-quarantine at his Lehigh Valley home. Pat Toomey has not shaved in more than a week, a rare scruffy look for a typically very clean-shaven senator. But he was an early proponent of face masks for all, not just the sick. He called for that two weeks ago.

Last week, both the CDC and Governor Wolf rallied in support, calling on everyone to wear face masks while in public, whether they are feeling Coronavirus symptoms or not.

President Trump is far more tepid on the idea, reiterating that the guidelines are voluntary. The Commander-in-Chief also rejected wearing a mask himself.

“That’s the president being the president,” laughed Toomey during a Zoom interview. “The president gets tested on a very regular basis. He may feel like he knows for sure he doesn’t have the virus. That’s fine. That’s his view. My view is when out in public, when interacting with each other, it is helpful to have a face covering. Remember, my mask protects you, your mask protects me. I hope this becomes the social norm until we get through the worst of this.”

Toomey is a former small business owner who says Congress did the right thing with its $2 trillion stimulus. A big problem needs a big solution he said, though he can’t guarantee that every dollar will be properly spent.

“There IS going to be waste, fraud and abuse,” Toomey said with certainty. “That’s unfortunate. But with programs being launched on this scale, with this speed, it’s absolutely inevitable. I think it was necessary for the government to step in and provide resources, because it was the government that shut down the economy because we’ve been invaded by this lethal pathogen So this was the right response. Was it perfect? No. Will it need to be tweaked? Yes.”

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