Some USPS customers are measuring their priority delivery time in weeks and months, not days


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Postal customers across the Midstate say they’ve been measuring their package delivery times in weeks and months rather than days.

Mike Wolfe of York Haven said a holiday card sent by a friend a few blocks away was sent in early December, “And we just received it last wednesday.” No wonder it took so long to arrive.

“It went to Charlotte, North Carolina, first,” said Wolfe. “Normally that says Harrisburg, when you get something here?”

Wolfe could only speculate why his and other Pennsylvanians packages were plagued with delays. “I have no idea. maybe because everyone is busy around here or shut down.”

“I don’t think they have enough people,” said Betty Porter at the main post office serving Harrisburg. “It’s not just this post office.”

Nadra Rae says “I’m a business owner,” and that’s not the easiest thing to be right now.

“Normally I ship priority, which is two to three business days and the people who have ordered from me during my Black Friday sale are now receiving their packages,” Rae said. “From November.”

At least those people received their packages. Another viewer showed a package destined for her that USPS shows just sitting in Chicago for the past two weeks. 

Some people we spoke with have been luckier than others. “I haven’t had any real issues as far as with mail or anything like that,” said customer Dale Mohan.

But the postal service admits widespread issues. USPS didn’t answer specific questions we asked about for example why mail within a Pennsylvania town is being routed through North Carolina. The postal service did acknowledge a shortage of employees related to the pandemic saying it’s facing historic package volumes and is working with postal unions to address the problems.


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