Wild baby animals may look cute, but game commission warns not to touch


(WHTM) — During this time of the year, baby animals may make an appearance in your backyard. They may look adorable, but the game commission says not to give in to the temptation to touch them.

The game commission says fawn might appear to be abandoned, and in need of help, but it is actually a tactic to keep both mom and baby safe.

“The more time the two of them spend together, doe and fawn, the higher the chances that a predator will be alerted to a fawn’s presence and that’s where white-tail deer are especially vulnerable to be taken by predators so does know this, they stay away from the fawn, often they’re in view of the fawn,” Travis Lau, spokesman for the state game commission, said.

If an animal appears to be injured, do not call, but instead give the game commission a call.

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