In the age of Pinterest, a standard PB&J is a way of the past.

Some parents are creating boxed lunches based on Disney movies.

While that type of creativity is impressive, most parents do not have the time to create a lunchbox masterpiece so we wanted to find simple, healthy alternatives.

Brett and Amanda went through Pinterest and found a few websites with healthy lunch ideas, they then recruited the help from a professional, Diane Harris, a dietitian with Holy Spirit — A Geisinger Affiliate.

Diane loved the ideas from Vicky Barone explaining that each box  “had color variation,” meaning the foods inside had different vitamins and nutrients.

She also loved the unique ideas, like using hard-boiled eggs as a protein source instead of deli meat. Diane did mention that food safety is key, especially with lunches like hard boiled eggs.

A simple ice pack inside a lunch will keep everything at the proper temperature until your child can get to lunch.

For the most part, Diane was happy with the four lunch options but did mention some snacks could be swapped, like Goldfish.

While kids can have everything in moderation, she said the crackers could be swapped for pepper sticks or another vegetable, depending on your child’s taste.