Police confirm almost two dozen car break-ins in the same night


YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Police in Hellam Township, Spring Garden Township, and Springettsbury Township are warning about a rash of car break-ins that happened early this week.

Hellam Township police chief has confirmed almost a dozen break-ins happened in rural areas, and stolen items were taken from cars that were not locked, in the same night. The vehicles were sitting outside a home on Druck Valley, Kreutz Creek, and Fahringer Drive. 

Police Chief Doug Pollock said he doesn’t recall ever having so many car break-in reports in just one night.

“I would be shocked if they weren’t linked in one way or another,” Pollock said, adding, ” I think it’s very strange that you see that much car break-in activity in one night. obviously, that stuff goes on all throughout the summer, but to have it all in one night seems a little odd.”

The department is using video surveillance footage captured by a homeowner, and evidence left behind to find their suspects.

A car-owner found a glove on their property they believe belongs to one of the suspects. The glove is going to a state lab to be tested for DNA.

Pollock suspected that the targeted areas were chosen to be rural specifically where people are considered more trusting.

“Parents with kids, they pull into the driveway, they just want to get in the house, and they forget to lock their car. It’s unintentional,” he says.

Of the victims, some had guns in their unlocked cars. Pollock says, “I don’t understand how someone could be so careless about owning a handgun, that serious business.”

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