Police warn of Lyft driver impersonator in Hershey


Derry Township Police are on the lookout for a person impersonating a Lyft driver, and are warning people to be extra careful when using a ride-share service.

Police tell us a Lyft driver reported receiving a call for pick-up in the 100 block of West Chocolate Avenue through the Lyft ride-share app. When he arrived in the area, and started looking for his customers, we’re told a white Jeep Grand Cherokee was stopped on the north side of West Chocolate Avenue near Primanti Brothers restaurant. The driver of the white Jeep Grand Cherokee made an abrupt u-turn in front of the Lyft driver and stopped on the south side of West Chocolate Avenue, pulling up to a woman.

The driver of the white Jeep Grand Cherokee was heard saying he was there to give the woman the ride she requested. He even allegedly said some information about the requested Lyft ride-share.

According to police, the second passenger did not recognize the white Jeep Grand Cherokee as the vehicle that Lyft sent to pick them up, and pulled her away from the white Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We’re told, they saw their actual Lyft driver and got into the appropriate vehicle for their ride. The Lyft driver who reported this, said one of the customers said he had heard from other ride-share users in the area that this same white Jeep Grand Cherokee had been involved in other similar incidents in the Hershey area.

Police want to talk with anyone who knows anything, and are trying to identify the driver of the white Jeep Grand Cherokee. They remind you to make sure the vehicle and driver described in your ride-share app matches the vehicle and driver that are there to pick you up before you get in the car. When possible, share your Lyft or Uber ride with another person so you are not alone. Check the driver’s rating within the app and stay away from those who receive low ratings. Do not drink to the point of intoxication, as it will affect your judgement and ability to ensure your safety.

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