LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A woman who reported she was raped by an intruder was criminally charged after police said her fitness watch told a different story.

Jeannine M. Risley, 43, of Saint Petersburg, Florida, was in Lancaster for her work and was staying in the guest portion of her boss’s home in East Lampeter Township on the night of March 10. She told authorities an unknown man pulled her out of bed, attacked her in a bathroom, and raped her at knifepoint, according to charging documents filed by township police.

Her fitness watch, which Risley claimed was lost in the struggle, was found undamaged in a hallway several feet from the bathroom. When investigators downloaded her fitness activity they saw she had been awake and walking around the entire night, not sleeping as she had claimed, the criminal complaint states.

The complaint indicates that other parts of Risley’s story didn’t add up. The house was surrounded in snow but there were no footprints, and no signs of an intruder were found inside the home, police said.

In addition, her boss said Risley had been told she would no longer be a temporary director with the company. Risley was directed to inform her staff of the change during the week of the reported rape, but she had not set up a meeting to do so, the complaint states.

Police said Risley provided the username and password for her activity tracker’s account, but the envelope from Florida had a one-inch hole and did not contain the dongle, the hardware which connects the device to a computer. Risley’s husband suggested the device had been lost in the mail, according to the court document.

Risley was charged with false reports to law enforcement, false alarms to public safety, and tampering with evidence for allegedly overturning furniture and placing a knife to make it appear she had been raped by an intruder, police said.