GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A former Adams County probation officer is accused of fabricating drug tests of a woman he was supervising as a condition of her sentence.

Wyatt E. Mowery, 23, of Newburg, also sent inappropriate text messages to the woman and tried to have an intimate relationship with her, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday by Adams County detectives.

Mowery was charged in a summons with 10 misdemeanor counts of records and evidence tampering and obstruction of law.

The woman told investigators she tested positive for drug use in late October or November, but Mowery told her the results would only go to him.

In December, she said Mowery came to her home for a urine sample after she had been on a cocaine binge. She said Mowery tested the urine sample and told her she was “golden.”

Mowery wrote in the woman’s probation records that she tested negative for all substances tested, the complaint states.

Investigators said his personal and county-issued cell phones contained text messages in which he asked the woman out on dates and warned her that she would be in trouble if he tested her.