COLUMBIA, Pa. (WHTM) – There is a push in Pennsylvania to legalize hemp farming, which some say would create an economic boom.

At Lancaster Trading House Inc.’s headquarters in Columbia, owner Shawn Patrick House had a number of his hemp food products on display, including pretzels and protein powder.

They are sold online at various local stores.

Currently, due to hemp growing being outlawed in Pennsylvania, House gets the product from Canada. Hemp is a relative of cannabis with a nominal amount of mind altering properties.

House says if hemp farming were allowed here, a lot of people would benefit.

“It would be an economic boom,” House said.

“You could benefit even if you didn’t sell it. We go back just to the ecological benefits, but we are the largest importer of hemp – the United States – and we need to correct that. We can create jobs and protect the environment if we’re growing American hemp right in Hempfield Township,” he added.

Senate Bill 50 is floating around the state Capitol. The bill would allow the cultivation or production of industrial hemp, but for college or university research programs.

There is a joint House and Senate informational committee hearing set for Thursday, during which the bill will be discussed.