YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – Getting into an ice cold car in the morning is no fun.

“If it’s not my daughter it’s me starting all of our cars before we leave the house,” said Sheree Godfrey of York.

However, leaving your running car unattended is illegal in Pennsylvania. Violators known as “puffers” could face a fine of $100..

“Actually, I am surprised because I didn’t know that,” said Walbert Rivera of York.

Police say car break-ins and thefts have gone up in the past few weeks due in large part to the cold weather. According to police, people have been getting out of their cars and leaving them run as they head into a store. Thieves then steal their possessions and in many cases the car.

“If you got a car that’s running and something valuable to someone, they are going to take it so just don’t do it,” said Ashley Johnson of York.

Along North George Street in downtown York we found a car running, unattended. It belonged to delivery man Walbert Rivera who was making a stop.

“If I let it sit and it gets too cold, I have to let it get heated up ’cause it’s not good to be driving a car when it’s cold,” Rivera said.

Police say it’s also not good to leave your car, making it an easy target.

“It is something to worry about, leave your car running ’cause it’s cold and you come back outside and your car can be gone,” Rivera said.

According to the Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority, 13,000 cars were stolen in the state last year. Half of those were unlocked or the keys were left inside.