Manheim Township remembers and honors 9/11 victims, survivors

Remembering 9/11

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — The 9/11 memorial site in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, pays tribute to the victims who died in the terrorist attacks in Washington, D.C., New York City and Shanksville.

Saturday afternoon, dozens of people gathered to pay their respects and remember what happened that sunny Tuesday afternoon.

September 11, 2001, was a day this country won’t forget, even two decades on.

“It is an anniversary that allows one to reflect and remind others who did not experience that day of how important it was,” Brigadier General David E. Wood (U.S. Army ret.) said.

It’s important to David Cook, who was teaching in West York when his brother Dennis was trapped on the 104th floor of One World Trade Center.

“Well I think it’s amazing seeing everybody come out, take time out of a beautiful Saturday when they could be doing something else,” Cook said.

He remembers him as a fun-loving guy and great father to his daughter, only born five months before the attack.

“He just seemed so happy with his family. We actually went on a fishing trip with my uncle about a week before and he just seemed so happy and content at that time,” Cook said.

And then there’s retired Army Col. Michael Angelo, a Lancaster native who was stationed at the Pentagon.

“I was scheduled to go to a meeting. My son called. I decided to be late to the meeting, talked to him and then we got hit,” Angelo said. “And I found at later when the plane hit, that’s where I was supposed to be.”

He lost 23 colleagues in that meeting and even knew the pilot of the plane which hit the Pentagon.

“It’s a tough day. I reflect a lot because I survived, whereas all these other people perished. And they were all close friends,” Angelo said.

Wood remembers flying to the Flight 93 crash site that day.

“The numbing reality of the crash site made us understand just what sacrifice those Americans made,” Wood said.

He’s choosing to remember those heroes and the way America came together.

“This year’s 9/11 remembrance more than ever is about how we get back to being that resilient nation that America has always been,” Cook said.

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