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HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Approaching the 20th anniversary of the plot to attack America, two old abc27 News colleagues reunited to remember the feelings of covering that day, from shock and horror to healing and community.

“I remember driving in. I start at 9:00 and really I didn’t know the world was changing.”

On September 11, 2001, Mike Kruleski was a photojournalist for abc27.

“I walked into our newsroom and everybody was surrounding the TVs. The network took over the whole time, but they needed us to go do something,” Kruleski told current anchor Valerie Pritchett, who were assigned together to cover the local impact of the horrific day.

The two were sent to cover the attacks at Harrisburg Bureau Fire Station 1 on 6th Street.

“I remember the anxiety we both felt,” Valerie said.

“It was so unbelievable. This is not happening, you want to pinch yourself over and over again. I remember you and I talking about it. We had friends that worked in D.C. and friends that worked in New York. ‘Were they there?’ ‘Did we loose them?’ They were our friends,” Kruleski said.

That frightening day, when our nation came under attack.

“I just remember being in the live truck and we just both broke down,” Kruleski said.

A few human moments, then back to work.

“The kindness. We really came together as a country,” Valerie said.

“One thing I noticed I couldn’t get a flag. There were flags everywhere because they sold out. People were angry and I never saw a country come together as much as that day,” Kruelski said.