Restaurants, grocery stores gear up for Super Bowl Sunday

YORK, Pa. (WHTM)  - Eagles fans may be hungry for a win, but everybody at a Super Bowl party comes hungry. Midstate grocery stores and restaurants are hoping to profit off of that hunger.

Wednesday is wing night at Kokomo's Sports Bar & Grill, but Sunday is going be special.

"We sell a lot of wings. That's all it is," said Lauren Barowski of Kokomo's Sports Bar and Grill. "We did pull in an extra fryer this year."

With the Eagles in the Super Bowl, local restaurants expect big crowds and record takeout orders.

According to the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, Super Bowl parties, especially with a Pennsylvania team in the mix, can account for a business boom. It's considered a fourth holiday after Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Kokomo's plans to fry up 1,500 wings an hour starting at 10 a.m Sunday until the 6:30 p.m. kickoff.

"I love it more than Christmas, actually. It's crazy but its fun. It's stressful, but its fun," said Barowski.

Local bakeries are expecting big business too and recommend getting orders in now if you want a specialty treat celebrating the Eagles.

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